Icon raze de soare peste un panou fotovoltaic

5 years

Maximum payback period for photovoltaic panels

Icon ceas, trecerea timpului

1 hour

The amount of solar energy harnessed to the maximum on the globe can provide energy for everyone on the planet for 1 year.

Icon panou solar

200 euro / panel

Annual savings with electricity cost (compared to the average annual energy price in Romania).

Icon emana CO2

20 days

of sun can create as much energy as all the coal, oil and natural gas on Earth combined. What’s more, without emitting CO₂.

EV from the sun

Photovoltaic panels can provide electricity for electric car charging stations.

Icon captare lumina soarelui cu cer înnorat

High efficiency

Solar panels capture sunlight even when the sky is cloudy or the sun is rising or setting.