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Energy independence

Off-grid or hybrid systems reduce or eliminate the need to connect to the electricity grid: by day, energy consumption is provided by photovoltaic panels. At night, by energy stored in batteries.

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Carbon footprint reduction

Photovoltaic systems protect the environment: they eliminate CO₂ and other toxic gases emitted by conventional energy sources and thus help to neutralise your carbon footprint.

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Reducing costs

By using the energy produced by your own PV systems and less from the grid, your electricity bills are significantly lower.

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Business predictability

By using photovoltaic systems as an energy source, production or utility costs will not be affected by the rising cost of electricity.

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Possibility of energy storage

Surplus energy produced by photovoltaic systems during the day is stored in batteries and supports consumption during the night. This means that electricity is accessible at any time of the year and any season.

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Online performance monitoring

PV system monitoring applications track functionality within parameters and technical situations can be quickly remedied online remotely. In the event of a more complex event, the technical team is instantly informed so that they can be quickly on site.