We provide end-to-end services for building and selling photovoltaic parks in ideal energy capture locations through EPC.

Our team delivers turnkey solutions covering design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of photovoltaic projects.

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Software-Based Mapping

Integrated management of the photovoltaic park using advanced technology at superior standards in design, communication and control, while maintaining energy efficiency and flexibility.

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Drawing up the technical design and obtaining all necessary permits and approvals to maximise the yield and eficiency of the PV system, as well as reducing labour and material costs.

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Constant monitoring of the PV system and operational assistance, as well as specialised personnel for ad-hoc interventions in complex technical situations.

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Financial Consultancy

Develop a custom financial analysis of PV system development costs, energy consumption versus system energy output and payback period. Assistance in identifying and securing optimal financial sources.

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Our own team of qualified technicians carries out the installation of photovoltaic systems with approved, high-quality materials and equipment in accordance with current standards and regulations.

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Producer accreditation

Preparing the documentation for obtaining the status of energy producer for submission to the competent authorities (ANRE. Assistance in obtaining the manufacturer's license.

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Technical Consultancy

Identify energy consumption needs and assist in choosing the best PV system from a technical and financial point of view to become energy independent.

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The Volta X team includes ANRE certified electricians and engineers for the commissioning of photovoltaic systems (verification, parameterization, connection to the cloud and smart meter), so that the energy generated can be used in optimal conditions for self-consumption and grid injection.

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Thorough checking of the PV system (cables and connections, panels and fastening systems, inverter software) to maintain maximum energy yield.


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